Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Easy Steps to Help You Find the Perfect Pool for Your Home

One of the most exciting and rewarding home improvements is installing a swimming pool. We will help you to finally move from the dream of owning a pool to the reality of actually having one. All you have to do is know your preference, work on a budget and find an ideal installation company. We’ve come up with a simple checklist that should help you to get started.

Start by planning early

Remember that pool installation can only be done when the weather is conducive. There are also local building codes that can affect the type of pool you are able to have in your home. When you plan early, you have time to check with the local building codes, safety and zoning restrictions as well as green ordinances. All these factors can limit the style and size of your pool.

Your goal for owning a swimming pool

Did your doctor recommend a swimming pool for therapeutic reasons? Do you want a pool where your younger kids can enjoy? Do you need one mainly for enjoying with a few guests? When you understand your key reasons for wanting to own a pool, it’s easy to select one that suits your needs best. The shape, size and style of pool will be determined by how you intend to use it.

In-ground vs above ground pools

Designing an in-ground pool is usually an ideal option for anyone who is not planning on moving out soon and has a good budget that allows it. In-ground pools come with lots of styles and options so you can have it personalized however you want. Above-ground pools are easier to install and costs much less. They are ideal if you want a backyard pool in a home where you don’t intend to live for a long time.

How much should you spend on installing a pool?

The amount of money you spend on installation will depend on the materials used, levelness of the site and other factors like the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Some in-ground pools can be pretty expensive to construct in locations where the soil conditions are not favorable. The presence of water or rock in the area will also impact on the cost. If you are looking for a customized pool with automated features, expect to pay a lot more. Pools also require electrical work, permits and dirt removal services which are likely to hike the total price of installation.

Consider the cost of pool maintenance

Prior to installing a pool, it’s worth noting the amount of time and money that will be required to keep it safe and clean for your entire family. You need to be prepared to prevent problems by issuing regular pool maintenance. Issues like cracked or corroded pools can have a lot more negative effects when ignored. Some pools are easier to maintain than others so make sure you ask about this before getting one installed.

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